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Portfolio View 7: Digital Marketing Case Study

Separately, the methods of promotion on the Internet do not give such high results as a set of methods of Internet advertising.

Project Details


Consultant Jimmy Hendriks


SMO, SEO, PPC, E-mail Marketing

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Can say about these guys only good words. Can say about these guys only good words. Results was better than we expected. Results was better than we expected.
Chief Executive Officer
Max Curt
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The Task

Max sensed that his website was still underperforming and that he could reach more students. As a result, he contacted me to help him improve his traffic and conversion rates.

The Results

Within a few months, I increased his traffic by 126% through SEO, 175% through PPC and conversion rate by 337% through a/b testing. This lead Max to make an extra $1.1 million in profit per year.

The Process

Semantic Core

After analysis of competitors and SEO key phrases, we have create advanced semantic core

Onpage SEO

We improved onpage SEO and made additional pages

Link Building

We increased value of incoming links from blogs, community websites and social media


Increased reach of audience in Google Adwords and Facebook advertising


By building relationships with power users I was able to spread Max’s brand. This helped build his audience faster.

E-mail Marketing

We have created scenario of connect with target audience with e-mail

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A/B Testing

We have created multiple A/B split tests based on visitor feedback in order to hone in on the most effective combination of sales elements.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The results of both our user surveys and split tests enabled us to develop a more efficient means of directing visitors to the products they were most interested in

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