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What is PPC advertising?

Billions of users on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo and other social networks and specialized websites with the possibility of exact tagging to target a group of people.


percents of PPC campaigns making 500% ROI


percents of paid-search clicks account mobile devices


percents of searches on Google are associated with location


percents of searchers click on paid ads


percents of the clicks gets for top 3 paid advertising spots


percents of searches on Google are associated with location

How does PPC advertising work?

Keyword selection
Create advertisement
Collection of statistics
Conversion rate optimization


We are Google, Bing and Yahoo certified agency

In our company, you can order contextual advertising in the services of Google Ads, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as targeted advertising on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks. Search engines allow placing ads on both search results pages and specialized websites.

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